On the first of April 2005 Naval Shipyard Gdynia has delivered a partly outfitted hull of special purpose container/reefer vessel Kristian With. The shipbuilding contract concluded with Norwegian shipyard Vaagland Batbyggeri in 2004 includes the construction of a second hull which will be delivered also in the year 2005. The owners of both ships are Egil Ulvan Rederi.

New ships are classed by DnV and comply with the requirements for the following class notation: +1A1, Reefer(-27ºC/+32ºC), Container, Ice C, EO. The engine room is located in the stern while the deckhouse is in the forward part of the ship. Cargo of containers is handled by the shipboard crane with the 50 t lifting capacity at 12 m outreach and 12.5 t at 26 m.


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